This is what Everlane is releasing this month, and we’re hopping on the wait list RIGHT NOW

If you’re all about clean, high-quality fashion, you’re probably already madly in love with Everlane. The brand makes our fashion-loving souls so, so happy, so we’re always checking in to see what new goodies we can expect. They’re beloved despite their ridiculously huge waiting lists, like their oxfords, which had a 6,500-person waiting list. Like, WHOA. That’s how you know they’re popular as heck, but we get it. We love Everlane, too.

So what can you expect from Everlane in January 2017?

Get ready to fangirl.

1The Breton striped sweaters and dress


So classy, and so cozy. Available on January 31st in three styles and one color, and ranging between $68 and $120.

2The New Street fleece


For your lazy girl days! Available January 26th in three styles and two colors, and ranging between $55 and $65.

3The suede heel boot


A definite wardrobe staple. Available January 23rd in one style and three colors for $225.

4The new cotton shirting


Available on January 29th in three styles and two colors, and ranging between $65 and $75.

5The fisherman cotton sweater


Available on January 16th in two styles and colors for $98. We heart that unexpected zipper!

6The penny loafer


A must all year ’round. Available on January 12th in three colors for $175.

7The stretch ponte crop pant


Available on January 9th in two colors, these pants are ridiculously comfortable, and edgy AF. Plus, they’re a steal at $78.

8And the earliest release, the cashmere silk top


Available on January 5th in five styles AND five colors, this is a great treat to kick off 2017.

Hop on the waiting list now here and stay updated when these goodies are available!