The ever-wonderful George Takei offers a message of hope after a troubling election

Last night’s election results were devastating for a number of reasons. But we commit ourselves to being positive and working to continue the fight for inclusiveness. Luckily, former Star Trek star and all-around awesome person George Takei offered hopeful advice about Trump and his win. George has long been an outspoken voice for togetherness and positive thoughts. And his words remind us that last night wasn’t only about the presidency. Though we are disappointed, we should celebrate the progress, like some of the other incredible women elected.

George Takei took to Twitter to remind people that hope is not lost.

While we’d all like to wallow in defeat today, George is right. We need to work harder and fight for equality and justice.

George very fittingly reminds us that our country has struggled through the quagmire of injustice before. Maybe we hoped that we were beyond all of that, but it’s clear that we’re not. As he says, we know what kind of world we want to live in, so we’ll just work harder.

Make sure to hug everyone you love today. Now, let’s keep fighting!