Evanescence quietly released a new single two weeks ago, and our inner ‘00s kid is screaming

The news that Evanescence has released new music is bringing us back to life the way “Bring Me Back to Life” actually did 2003 HEYO! Uggh. Sorry. No, but seriously — your fave high school band fronted by the glorious operatic emo songstress Amy Lee, aka Evanescence, has put out a new single.

When we first hit play on their new single “Imperfection,” we were quietly bracing ourselves because let’s be real, how often do your high school musical faves sound anything in 2017 like they did when you worshipped them in 2005?

Right off the bat, the twinkling of the piano chords as the song starts will instantly take you back to days crying in your first car thinking that Evanescence is the only thing that could ever understand your teenage misery. The chorus of the new song is Evanescence 101 and reminds us of their OG music. The rest of the song veers into new sonic territory, but we’re down for it.


The single is off their new album Synthesis, which is set to be released in November. However, the new album will only feature two new songs, the rest being reworkings of their classic hits. Back in 2015, Lee announced that the band wouldn’t make new music at all, but would only tour their greatest hits, so we wonder what inspired them to make way for a few new songs.

Currently, true Evanescence stans are living for this revival.


Now we’re just trying to get Avril Lavigne to release some new stuff and our angsty aughts musical journey will be complete.