Evan Rachel Wood asked Siri about “Westworld” and this is too weird even for us

If you’re not feeling uneasy enough about the state of the universe careening into 2017 already, you definitely need to read about Evan Rachel Wood asking Siri about Westworld, because we’re all SUPER doomed. Evan Rachel Wood, who plays Dolores Abernathy one of the leads on Westworld, recently shared to Twitter an exciting discovery about Siri. We’ve seen the various sassy updates that Apple has given Siri in the past — have you asked Siri about the new iPhone lately? — but this one was funny for like three seconds before we were like, “YIKES.”

Starts out innocently enough — ha, ha, Siri has watched Westworld just like everyone else on the planet.


But then we start to think about the fact that Siri is an AI, just like the hosts, and they, too, started out being amusingly ignorant…


Even Ben Barnes, aka Logan, got in on the fun.

But, like, if Siri is an AI — like the hosts — what’s to stop her from learning TOO much and taking everything over? We don’t know about you, but our whole lives are in our phones. Contact information, GPS, pictures, social media accounts, passwords, bank info, credit card info…if Siri turns on us, ya’ll, we’re in some deep trouble. Also potentially in for a narrative way more compelling than Westworld‘s. Gulp.

Don’t forget to thank Siri after you ask her something from now on!

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