Evan Rachel Wood tweeted about her experiences with cutting and self-harm, and this is important

Warning: The following contains candid discussions of self-harm that may be triggering to some.

Actress Evan Rachel Wood is no stranger to getting candid about issues relating to mental health and abuse. She’s testified before Congress about her experiences with rape and sexual assault—as well as the lasting psychological effects of a past abusive relationship. And now, she’s addressing another, seldom-discussed issue: self-harm—and specifically how it related to her abuse.

In a March 11th Twitter post, she wrote, "2 years into my abusive relationship I resorted to self harm. When my abuser would threaten or attack me, I cut my wrist as a way to disarm him. It only made the abuse stop temporarily. At that point I was desperate to stop the abuse and I was too terrified to leave. #IAmNotOk"

She shared a photo of herself from the time, revealing prominent lacerations on her wrists. false

Wood also opened up about feeling “weakened” and “depressed” by the same relationship. false

She posted her message as part of the trending hashtag “#IAmNotOk,” with which abuse survivors are recounting past traumas and letting the world know that these events have had lasting effects on them. Many followers responded to Wood’s post with accounts of their own abuse.


Domestic and sexual abuse are all-too-common occurrences in our culture, and the narrative that a person just needs to “go to therapy” and “move on” in order to fully recover is far too simple. The reality is the effects of abuse can last a lifetime. However, you are never alone, and the “I’m Not Okay” hashtag reminds us that recovery is a process, and that so many others out there can relate.

Thank you, Evan, for shining a light on this important issue. If you or anyone you know is currently the victim of sexual assault, please call the National Sexual Assault hotline at 800.656.HOPE (4673).

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