For those who are interested, we’ll probably see Evan Peters work out in the next episode of “American Horror Story”

So, this most recent season of American Horror Story, huh? It sure is something, isn’t it? It’s still hard to figure out exactly what it’s about, aside from being the first ever literal American horror story, as we relive the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election. And also clowns and bees and cults! Fun!

After sitting on the sidelines for most of last season, Evan Peters is back with a vengeance and blue hair. His character, Kai Anderson, is clearly one of the “bad guys” of the season, but it’s still not really clear why. He’s in charge of the cult (maybe) and he’s influencing others to do his bidding (probably?), and he’s going to end up playing multiple characters before the show wraps up (that has been confirmed!). While it feels like we SHOULD hate Kai, it’s hard to hate Kai, because behind the blue hair is Peters, someone who we’ve loved from the very first season.

And now, seven seasons in, we’re going to see him work out! At least, that’s what’s implied in the trailer for next week.

Though we haven’t seen him at work, Billy Eichner’s Harrison works at a gym, and it looks like the action heads there next week. We know this, because he’s wearing a Funtime Fitness t-shirt, and comes face to face with Peter’s Kai, who clearly has a gym bag. Are we about to get the best AHS workout montage ever? Asking for a friend.

Like, clearly Kai has just done some reps and sets and maybe a few pushups.


Weirdly into this? This is weird to be into this, right? Like Kai is a bad person. So many emotions are coming out of AHS Season 7, and all of them are leaving me with mixed reactions — and not always in a good way.