Stop what you’re doing — Evan Peters and James Van Der Beek are starring in Ryan Murphy’s new show

Are you wishing Evan Peters on this season of American Horror Story would just be a little less extra when it comes to literally everything? Same! So good news, because it looks like he’s trading his blue hair and cult status for New York in the 1980s — which is, like, way better than whatever is happening in his basement on Cult.

Casting for Ryan Murphy’s latest television series, Pose, is underway and every announcement about it so far has been the best. Just yesterday, we found out that the cast would feature five transgender actors — the most in any scripted televisions series to date. And now, Murphy has revealed that he’s once again reteaming with Peters for the show.


Yes, the Beek! Our Beek! The Beek is coming back to TV, and he’s coming back in a big way. It’s not like he really ever left TV, as he’s had steady roles since his days at the Creek way back when. But now, he’s set to play a “financial kingpin” and it sounds like he was born for this role.


Peters, meanwhile, will be playing Stan. His better half? None other than Kate Mara, who will play a character named Patty. According to the show’s description, Stan and Patty are “pulled into the world of the Big Apple in the 1980s.”  Yes, please. The show will also focus on “the juxtaposition of several segments of life and society in Manhattan: the emergence of the luxury Trump-era universe, the ball culture world, and downtown social and literary scene”

Rounding out the main cast is Tatiana Maslany, in her first post Orphan Black role. Maslany will be playing a dancer, and so much yes to this.

The series will start shooting in November, and a release date is TBA. Whenever it airs, we’ll be there.