“American Horror Story” might have just revealed Evan Peters’ character for Season 7 — and yes, he’s part of the clown cult

Over the past seven seasons of American Horror Story, we’ve seen Evan Peters play a ghost (multiple times), a frat boy, someone abducted by aliens, a man with “lobster” hands, and an actor playing…a ghost. And now, for something completely different, it sure looks like Peters will be playing a clown.

But like, a diabolical clown, not one you can rent out for birthday parties to make balloon animals. (Even though if given the option, we would.)

We’ve already been clued into the fact that for American Horror Story: Cult, Evan will be playing someone named Kai, he’s (maybe) in love with Sarah Paulson, and he’s got blue hair. Now, as AHS gears up to start dropping more clues leading up to the premiere, they’ve released a few snippets of video showcasing these members (clowns) in the titular cult. While it’s impossible to tell if this is for sure Evan Peters, it does look a lot like him — and this clown is the only one we see with blue hair.

Meet cult member #82456, who may or may not be Evan Peters.


The demonic voiceover tells us, “Who you are doesn’t matter. There is no you. There is only us.” The text on the screen reads, “All must submit,” and we get it, we’re supposed to join this cult. (Maybe you already have!)

Even if this isn’t Peters, rest assured that he’s going to be featured a lot more prominently this season. HelloGiggles caught up with Peters at a Paley Center event earlier this summer, and politely demanded to know if we’d see him in more than two and a half episodes.

“You’ll see, I’m in it more, yes,” Peters replied with a laugh, and we’re holding him to that promise.

Bottom line, hope everyone’s cool with possibly watching Evan Peters play a maniacal clown.