How could we ever forget that “AHS’s” Evan Peters was in a season of “One Tree Hill?”

We’ve said it before and we’ll continue saying it until the end of time — One Tree Hill is an absolute treasure and we refuse to think of it as anything else! Not only did the teen-turned-adult soap run for nearly a decade, it featured a lot of the actors we’ve come to know and love over the years, including American Horror Story favorite Evan Peters!

In Season 6 of the beloved series, Peters actually plays kind-of-troubled high school student Jack Daniels (yes, like how Brooke Davis lovingly refers to as "the white-trash-rock-band drink of choice"), who's best friends with Brooke's foster daughter, Sam, played by Awkward's Ashley Rickards.

Although Peters' character had an awful troubled home-life, he often served as a sarcastic comedic relief throughout the season. His facial expressions are legit spot-on.

Look at that adorable floppy head of hair! Young Even Peters *slays* us.


As we all know, Evan is now a staple on the hit Ryan Murphy horror series American Horror Story, but we will always appreciate the time he was on our favorite cheesy soap opera!