Evan Peters may have tried to pull a “La La Land” with Emma Roberts, but things didn’t go according to plan

The Griffith Observatory was a major location for the film La La Land, so it makes sense that Evan Peters and Emma Roberts would go there for a date night. Honestly, after seeing La La Land, who wouldn’t want to go on a date night to Griffith Observatory?! Unfortunately for Peters and Roberts though, their time at this Los Angeles landmark wasn’t as magical as the scenes from La La Land.

In a hilariously-captioned Instagram post, Peters shared a photo of the observatory with a striking star. Although he doesn’t refer to Roberts directly, he advises that if you’re going to visit the observatory (which, as you saw in La La Land, is on Mount Hollywood) that you drive to the top first when looking for parking rather than:

"... making your baby walk uphill for half mile in heels in the cold and almost step in vomit 😘"


Still, with that beautiful star overhead, I’m sure they had a romantic time even with the vomit. Although, based on Griffith Observatory’s Sky Report, it might not be the planet Venus despite Peters tagging it as Venus Williams. ?

It was Peters’ birthday on January 20th, so maybe his trip to the observatory with Roberts was part of his extended birthday celebration. Also, these two apparently have a history that entails Roberts’ feet hurting since she celebrated Peters’ birthday by posting about a time when he gave her a piggyback ride from the Colosseum to their hotel since her feet were sore.

He probably should have offered her a piggyback ride at the Griffith Observatory, too — then she wouldn’t have almost stepped in vomit while wearing heels … just sayin’ ?.

Although we wish this possibly engaged couple could have been dancing in and around the Griffith Observatory like Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling did in La La Land, we so appreciate Peters amusingly sharing a real-life date fail. Because as much as we all want it to be, life isn’t always a musical — but that doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun.

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