Evan Peters’ character is finally revealed on “American Horror Story” and it’s not who we were expecting

Finally, one long, national nightmare is over. No, not the “My Roanoke Nightmare” — that’s still very much a real thing happening right now on our television sets. What’s actually over is the long Evan Peters drought on American Horror Story. He was announced as a lead cast member for the season, and for the past four episodes, his name has been in the credits. But where is he? Who is Evan Peters playing on American Horror Story??

For the last four weeks, your guess has been as good as mine (and I’ve had some really good guesses).

Mid-day on Wednesday, Ryan Murphy himself teased the fact that Evan would finally show up in episode five. And did it happen? You bet.

During "Chapter 5," Evan made his first appearance and we're pleased to announced that he is playing...

Edward Mott.


Yes, a Mott. Of the esteemed Mott family – you know, Dandy Mott, from Season 4, Freak Show. 

The history of how and why Edward came to build the house here on the haunted grounds of Roanoke is explained…as is Edward’s early demise. And OH GOD, is this already THE END OF EVAN PETERS?

Not so fast. He’s still a ~main~ cast member for this season, so AHS isn’t going to throw him in for one episode, and one episode alone. The episode once again stresses that this scene with Edward is a “dramatic reenactment” which means that this Edward is being portrayed by an actor…[whispers] and as soon as the ~big twist~ happens and we maybe see more of the production of “My Roanoke Nightmare” hopefully we’ll get to see more of the actor behind Edward Mott (and his red hair).