Evan Peters just teased a BTS picture from American Horror Story Season 8 — and once again, he has crazy hair

Because by now it’s a tradition, Evan Peters is returning to American Horror Story. He’s been with the show since the very beginning, and we’ve seen him play a wide variety of characters, like a ghost, someone who’s abducted by aliens, a zombie, a lobster boy, another ghost, a third ghost, and a cult leader. Clearly, he can do it all. And now, for Season 8, he’s doing something completely different: He’s going to play a hair stylist.

It might not sound that scary at first, but come on, haven’t you ever had a bad hair day and just assumed the END WAS NEAR?

While Season 8 of the season still doesn’t have a theme yet, we know it will be set in the ~future~. Or, like 18 months in the future, according to AHS showrunner, Ryan Murphy. At a For Your Consideration Emmy event in Los Angeles, Murphy revealed the first few details about the upcoming season, one of them being Peters’ character this year. As Murphy describes it, Peters will play a “comedic hair stylist.”

Wondering what exactly that looks like/just how scary he’ll be? While the show doesn’t start production until later this summer, it appears as if Peters is already getting into character, or at least already doing his hair. Posting to Instagram, Peters shared a picture of him in crazy hair curlers, simply tagging it, “#ahs.


With the info Murphy just dropped, and this brand new picture, we can only assume that we’re going to see Peters in all sorts of crazy hairstyles this season…and also maybe doing them on others, too? Murphy also revealed that living legend Joan Collins is joining the series and will play Peters’ grandmother. Now that sounds like a family relationship we can get behind.

Let’s hope that Evan Peters keeps dropping more and more pictures like this, because we’ve got to occupy ourselves with something between now and whenever AHS hits our television screens int he fall.

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