Evan Peters has red hair now, which could mean INTERESTING things for “American Horror Story” Season 6

We’ve got another tiny clue about the upcoming season of American Horror Story, but this one isn’t coming to us in the form of a trailer, a teaser, a poster, or anything else AHS has rolled out over the last few weeks. Right now, we’re really focused on Evan Peters’ hair, and the fact that it is RED.

Yes. Recent images of him have surfaced out and about around LA, and while we’ve seen him before with dirty blonde hair, and brown hair, and even silver hair, we’ve never seen him like this before. This is new and different.


Peters recently did a photoshoot for The Wrap, and though the images aren’t the brightest or clearest, yeah, that’s some red hair on his head.

While stars are allowed to do and dye their hair however they want, we need to talk about the giant rubber man in the room: Peters is currently filming American Horror Story. Or, at least we think he is. We’re not really sure, because this season is being EXTRA sneaking with releasing information. Peters will be a part of Season 6, but we have no idea about his character, let alone how many episodes he’ll even show up.

But like, his hair totally has to be red for Season 6. Right? Right? Or maybe AHS was like “Even Peters, do something to completely confuse everyone out there for Season 6.” And he was like, “IDEA! I’ll dye my hair red!!”

Or maybe this is a clue. Moira in Season 1 had red hair, as did Season 3’s Myrtle Snow. Is there anyway ~whoever~ Peters plays in Season 3 is related to them?


Maybe we’re on to something, or maybe we’re not. We’ll find out for real when American Horror Story returns on September 14th.