This $8 Texturizing Spray Keeps My Curls Voluminous Overnight Without Making Them Crunchy

It's formulated with Argan oil and plant protein.

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No one wants crunchy hair. However, when we need our curls to stay bouncy for hours, we turn to a reliable hairspray to get the job done—but a trusty spray shouldn’t be synonymous with crunchy, sticky hair. That’s where Eva NYC Shapeshifter Texturizing Hairspray steps in and promptly raises the bar for all hairsprays that might come after it (but likely won’t in my case; I’ve found my go-to spray for life.)

I recently got my hands on the Eva NYC Shapeshifter Texturizing Hairspray while testing products for the 2021 HelloGiggles Beauty Crush Awards—and immediately fell in love. I have thick, pin-straight hair, so when I curl it, I need some durable—and I mean durable—hairspray to keep my waves intact. For most of my life, that meant compromising soft strands for crunchy hair in order to keep my curls looking full-bodied for more than a few hours. Not anymore.

This texturizing spray feels almost nonexistent in my hair; it’s so lightweight, I can run my fingers through my hair without it feeling tangly or sticky at all. Miraculously, the lack of tangible evidence that the spray is even in my hair doesn’t hinder results—my curls last overnight (yes—overnight!) every time I use the Eva NYC Shapeshifter Texturizing Hairspray.

Eva Nyc Shapeshifter Texturizing Hairspray reviewEva Nyc Shapeshifter Texturizing Hairspray review

Eva Nyc Shapeshifter Texturizing Hairspray

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Not only does this hairspray offer a non-sticky grip on curls, but it gives me extra volume, too. After spraying my face-framing pieces of hair, I flip my head downward and give my whole head of hair a generous spritz. Then, when I flip my hair back up, voilà—full, voluminous curls have arrived.

Plus, this product is formulated with Argan oil and plant protein to strengthen and hydrate your strands, so you’re aiding your hair health while getting a full-bodied, textured look at the same time; it’s the best of both worlds. And while some hairsprays have overpowering smells, the Eva NYC Shapeshifter Texturizing Spray smell is subtle—and divine, TBH. With hints of vanilla, I feel like I’ve just stepped out of a spa on a breezy spring afternoon after using this spray.

Shop the Eva NYC Shapeshifter Texturizing Hairspray yourself and say hello to your best hair day yet.

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