Eva Mendes’ #tbt is making us wonder — did she EVER have an awkward phase?

Here’s the thing about being a teenager — it’s rough. The awkward teenager phase was especially rough in the ’90s. Because let’s be honest, we didn’t have much to work with in terms of fashion. Yet, Eva Mendes posted a throwback picture of a ’90s version of herself, and we can’t help but notice that she was just as rad then as she is now.

Seriously, did she even go through an awkward phase?!

We’re not mad about it or anything, but like, it doesn’t seem right. We thought everyone in the 90s went through some sort of awkward teenager phase where they wore weird clothes and definitely didn’t look like a super model. Clearly we’re projecting, because Mendes rocked it as a teen during that decade.

She posted the #tbt to Instagram on Thursday, writing “Punk #tbt.”

Mendes pretty much looks exactly the same as she does now, just with darker hair and a backwards hat.

Even as a tinier Mendes, she was still gorgeous and super put-together.

We might just be speaking for ourselves here, but for us, the early ’90s consisted of Umbros, ginormous t-shirts, and  Tevas with socks. We’re not certain, but it seems as though Mendes never hit that phase.

Which, TBH, good for her.

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