Eva Mendes Sparked Quite the Debate on Instagram Over Spanking Your Kids

"We all parent in our own way and I have no idea what I'm doing most of the time."

This week, Eva Mendes decided to tell parents that she doesn’t think it’s okay to spank your kids, and she did it in the most savage way. In an April 20th Instagram post, the mom of two captioned a dual photo slide with, “I’m often asked what my favorite red carpet dress is. This @versace is definitely up there. Im not often asked what my favorite parenting quote is, but I’ll post it anyway. Please slide if you care.”

The first photo showed Mendes in a Champagne-blush Versace gown while the second photo was a screenshot of a quote that read, Spanking does for a child’s development what hitting a spouse does for a marriage.

As it is, the Hitch actress—who shares her children with partner Ryan Gosling—rarely shares anything about her kids, but fans and followers flooded the comments section to share whether they fall in the pro- or anti-spanking column. 

A commenter who grew up with spankings said she thought nothing of it. “I don’t know. I was spanked and now I’m a respectful adult. And believe me, I deserved those whoopings. I was a brat.”

Meanwhile, one follower took the time to carefully explain that for those who grew up in “cultures or families where physical discipline is routine and accepted,” the urge to spank here or there might not seem like a big deal. However, as a mom of three, she’s promising to do better: “Spanking, though, is loss of control on the part of the parent. As parents were are trying to teach our kids how to communicate in a healthy way even when we are really, really upset. We are also helping them build those internal controls so that they do not lash out on others when things do not go their way or they are frustrated, angry or upset. We have to model what we want to see in our kids. (And we won’t be perfect so that includes apologizing when we mess up!)”

More comments continued to roll in as the day progressed. One follower shared, “Love you but completely disagree,” while another one commented, “If an adult hits an adult that’s called assault and they can press charges and end up in jail yet when a defenseless child is hit it’s called discipline.”

Upon scrolling through, it looks like the comments left on Mendes’ post are pretty split. The actress is taking the high road, responding to some, not all, but in a very respectful and cordial tone. To one she wrote back, “Thank you for your comment. So happy to agree to disagree. Want this page to offer that in a loving way. We all parent in our own way and I have no idea what I’m doing most of the time.”

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