Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling May Be “Officially” Married, Based on Her New Tattoo

A recent Instagram post has fans speculating that the "Hitch" star is hitched herself.

Eva Mendes may be hinting that she’s tied the knot with long-time boyfriend Ryan Gosling. A few social media posts have teased fans and followers with not a big, sparkly wedding ring, but a simple tattoo, to mark the occasion.

The sultry Hollywood star shared a new photo of herself on November 15th, 2022, showing off her super-sculpted shoulders in a yellow tube top. Her pose of choice was covering her face with her arm, where viewers can prominently see “de Gosling” delicately tattooed on her wrist.

Her caption was just as short, sweet, and cryptic: two black hearts with a pair of crossed swords in between 🖤⚔️🖤.


Mendes is fiercely proud of her Cuban heritage, and according to reporting by PEOPLE, “in Hispanic culture, the use of ‘de’ or ‘of’ unifies the woman’s last name with her husband’s after marriage.”

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Many are taking the significance of the tattoo to literally mean she is officially “Mrs. Gosling.”

It doesn’t look like we’ll get a straight answer from the Skura Style co-owner and brand ambassador. When Instagram follower @steevedaviault asked if it was a real tattoo, Mendes replied, “ummm…it’s old. You’ve seen it many times 😂♥️ f, I love you. ❤️”

Indeed, it’s not the first time her de Gosling ink has been on display. The same tattoo is seen very clearly in a post from September 1, when Mendes added an image of her hand in a field of wildflowers.

Her caption was focused on the weather, but fans definitely noticed the words — and the two gold rings — on her left arm and hand.

Mendes is very open about keeping her personal life private from the masses. According to a relationship timeline created by Glamour, “they have been partners since 2011 and have two daughters together, which also makes them one of the most consistent, stable couples in the business.”

The actress, who met her husband while filming The Place Beyond the Pines, doesn’t even post images of her partner unless it’s “stuff that’s already out there” — mainly movie stills, or memes of the man who stars as Ken in the upcoming Barbie movie.

The Hitch star only recently restarted her Instagram account back in May, so maybe we’ll get more Easter eggs like this one down the line. For now, whether or not they are “officially” married doesn’t matter, as long as Mendes, Gosling, and their family are happy and healthy.

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