Eva Longoria revealed the thing that “pisses her off” the most about her beauty routine, and we get it

Even when you’ve maintained a standard beauty routine for years, there are certain parts that might make you dread getting ready. Unfortunately, Eva Longoria’s least favorite beauty ritual is one she really can’t avoid. At least, unless she wants to make multiple visits to her dentist.

The actress, who recently revealed that she’s expecting her first child, is a big fan of makeup in general. “I wasn’t into the natural makeup look,” she said to NewBeauty. “I love makeup! I’m glad the trend right now is heavy makeup. Bring on the makeup!”

Still, before she experiments with more makeup, she needs to get through a ritual she could do without. And that’s brushing her teeth. Yes, she still does it — but she’s really not a fan. (And since there are so many ways out there to convince both kids and adults to take the time to give your teeth a thorough brushing, we know she’s not alone with these feelings.)

“I hate brushing my teeth!” the actress admitted. “I do it twice a day, but it really pisses me off sometimes. I wish I could do something with my bottom crooked teeth. I’ve had braces before, but they just keep moving back.”

And in case you’re wondering, her favorite task happens to be something pretty important — applying sunblock. In fact, Longoria admitted that she’s openly put sunblock on the faces of strangers, who hopefully thanked her for keeping them safe.

"I’m a self-proclaimed sunblock bully. I go around applying it to my friends’ faces; I’ve probably applied it to some strangers’ faces, too," she said. "There’s a lot you can do to your skin to keep it healthy, but sunscreen is the big one."

We’re happy that Longoria will be passing on the healthy habit to her son. Currently 4 months along, Longoria’s representative confirmed she’s having a boy with husband José Antonio “Pepe” Bastón. And when he gets teeth, hopefully Longoria will have a newfound appreciation for the important hygiene practice.

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