Eva Longoria and America Ferrera perfectly called out industry racism last night

When the Golden Globe nominees were announced last month, whoever ran the Twitter account messed up in a serious way. They mixed up actresses America Ferrera and Gina Rodriguez, two entirely different women who star in entirely different shows. While the Hollywood Foreign Press was quick to apologize for the mistake, the public was skeptical. This seemed a lot like casual racism, so when Eva Longoria and America Ferrera took the stage last night, they decided to address what happened in a hilarious way.

“I’m Eva Longoria, not Eva Mendes,” Longoria begins. Ferrera follows this up by introducing herself as “not Gina Rodriguez.” And, to be clear, neither of the women are Rosario Dawson. Once that’s out of they way, they can get on with presenting the winners, but not before one last jab that perfectly nails this all-too-common problem.

Watch below!

(Image via NBC)