This artist drew along live with the Eurovision song contest, and the cartoons are adorbs

It’s hard to imagine getting more excited about the Eurovision Song Contest, but this artist has managed to make it just a little more interesting. Glasgow artist, Neil Slorance live-drew his interpretations of some of the best songs of the night. Then he shared them, and the results are amazing.

Eurovision is an annual song contest that started in the 1950s.

It began as an effort to unite the devastated countries after the second world war. Countries compete in a friendly singing competition. Once a performer makes it to the final rounds, countries from around Europe vote for their favorite performer. The winner’s home country hosts the next year’s Eurovision.


Eurovision has launched the careers of singing powerhouses like ABBA and Celine Dion. Now Slorance is trying to make a name for himself by drawing the performances live and posting them to social media. He immortalized the Portuguese winner in a drawing, but also added a little commentary along the way.

Ukraine hosted the events this year, and Slorance didn’t leave them out of the fun. Here’s his interpretation of their representative.

If you think about what Neil Slorance did, it’s really pretty incredible. It takes an insane amount of talent and precision to make the drawings so fast.

He whipped out all this mini-art in the time it took the performers to sing a song.

That’s kind of a big deal.

You can see all of his drawings here, and encourages you to retweet away. false

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The Eurovision competition is a global institution, and it’s spectacle is unparalleled. The addition of this artist’s personal touch makes it even more personal for everyone. Sharing it on social media is totally inspired, as well. Now, everyone can enjoy his take on the music.