Turns out, close to half of European women desire smaller boobs

Breast update: Many women in Europe want smaller boobs and no longer desire curvaceous figures.

According to TIMES Live, a lingerie brand called Triumph recently conducted something called the 2016 Female Confidence Report. For this survey, they spoke to women in Germany, Italy, France, Denmark, Poland, and the United Kingdom to see if there are any popular, body shape-related trends.

Overall, the results demonstrated that 40% of all interviewed women were concerned with how perky their breasts are, desiring smaller chests to make them perkier. An additional 34% were worried about size, 32% were fretting over shape, and 29% were troubled by their cleavage.


Triumph also took a look at age, to see if that would have any effect on their conclusions. Turns out – it did. 41% of women in their 30s were decidedly unhappy with the look of their chests. Women between the ages of 30-50 wanted their breasts to be perkier. Women aged 18-29 instead were more concerned with having cleavage.

In terms of body satisfaction, 1 out of 3 United Kingdom and France-based women claimed to be unhappy with their breasts. On the other end of the spectrum, Polish and Italian women proved to be the most confident when it came to all things boobs.


Things get even more complex when you include the topic of motherhood. Half of the mom participants felt that their “perfect” breast shape was lost forever, while 63% were more focused on the fact that their boobs were sagging. Overall, 40% of these moms stated that having children caused them to be less happy with their breasts.

Now, let’s talk about something a bit more positive: Confidence. A whopping 70% of participants thought that a bra (one that fit properly) was a great source of confidence. Yet, only one-third of them had been fitted for a bra within the past year, which would explain why 40% did not know their size.


When analyzing the study as a whole, researcher Lucy Aphramor concluded, “We live in a youth obsessed culture, and women whose sense of self is tied up with norms of physical perfection will likely struggle with their changing body when they start aging, and changing breast structure is clearly going to be a part of that.”

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