10 European candies that are so much better than American sweets

You’ve probably heard that European chocolate bars taste better than the ones you can find at any CVS stateside (it’s arguably true, since European chocolate tends to have a higher fat and cocoa content), but is there other European candy that’s better than American sweets? And why does it all taste so damn good?

We set out to investigate and found 10 European sweets that have our American offerings beat every time. Don’t be mad at us — we still love American treats! We’re just giving you another reason to take that end-of-summer Euro trip you’ve been dreaming of.



This British chocolate bar is simple, but positively scrummy (as former Great British Bake-Off judge Mary Berry would say). It’s made from milk chocolate (the yummy Euro kind) and pockets of air — and that’s all. Really. But Aero is light, perfectly sweet, and provides just the right amount of pick-me-up for when you’re zonked in the afternoon. Buy some on Amazon for $10.47.



Not the sugary round American kind — in the U.K., Smarties are small chocolate dots coated in a crunchy, colorful, sugary shell. Sound like M&Ms? Pretty much, but they come in a wider range of colors, are a bit smaller, and include that delicious British chocolate. Get a bag on Amazon for $19.99.

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