On Etsy’s big day, let’s honor the weird and wonderful gems at the heart of the site

Oh Etsy, how we doth love you. We remember when you were a little baby company, and now, you’ve grown so big!

The company was founded in 2005 by Rob Kalin, when he couldn’t find a place to sell his handmade wooden computers. In the past 10 years, it’s become a massive staple in the arts community, providing an avenue for artists to sell their goods and consumers to find anything they like, from Harry Potter light switch plates to Bill Murray graphic tees.

Now, what’s so special about today? It’s a big day for company, because they’ve formally filed to float on the Nasdaq stock exchange under the ticker “ETSY,” according to The Guardian. The company is seeking an initial public offering (IPO) of approximately $2 billion—making it the biggest tech IPO in over 15 years.

There’s been a lot of controversy over this decision, especially involving Etsy’s sellers, with one claiming that Etsy is “betraying its original artists by selling out to make money,” according to The Guardian. Others claim it’s a great move, saying that it will make a lot of money, and that the company will be “smart enough not to change how it operates to keep sellers and customers happy.”

Time will only tell how this will play out, but either way, the Etsy office should pop open a bottle of champagne and celebrate their big day! So in honor of this company’s business ventures and more importantly, its independent, super-creative sellers, here are some wonderfully weird things you can buy on Etsy right now.

Leo prayer candle, TheAlterEgos

In case you need to worship the god that is Leonardo DiCaprio, you should stock up on these bad boys. Also available in Nicolas Cage, Jessica Lange, and JK Rowling.

Easter bunny egg warmers, vilnone

Maybe it’s just because spring is coming, but these Easter bunny egg warmers warmed our hearts. (See what I did there?)

A cat bed THAT LOOKS LIKE A CAT, AgnesFelt

Because if you don’t get a bed for your cat that is in his own image, you don’t love him enough.

“Boo, You Whorecrux” keychain, AshleyLorrenDesigns

For a Harry Potter fangirl who totally loves all things Mean Girls, this keychain is an essential. (Go to the shop for keychains to satisfy any fandom cravings.)

Pizza sleeping bag, Bfiberandcraft

Okay, this might be $200, but since we dream of pizza, we might as well sleep in it, right?

“House Of Cats” notebook, PonjaHija

To celebrate the recent release of season three of HoC on Netflix, you might as well get yourself the feline version to write down your plans to dominate the world, Frank Underwood style.

A necklace of your favorite book, Bunnyhell

Got a book in mind that has stolen a piece of your heart? Wear it around your neck! Tell this Etsy shopkeeper your fav, and she’ll create it, like so:

Miniature crochet animals, RiaArtWorld

The functional use of these may be limited, but look how cute they are!! You can buy a set of six of your choice for $24.00.

Blueberry earrings, GentleDecisions

Okay, it totally blew me away how realistic these look. Also, I’m obsessed with blueberries, so I’d totally buy them. But if you’re not so much, there are plenty to choose from, from ranunculus rings to hydrangea hair clips.

Let’s hear it for Etsy originality!

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