This handmade Etsy mug received over 88,000 likes (and we can see why)

In case you needed proof that the unicorn trend is still going strong, even after naysayers said it was over, look no further. This Etsy mug has over 88,000 likes, almost 700 reviews, and is part of the Editor’s List for the best of Etsy — and of course, it is a unicorn mug. See? The trend is alive and well, my friends, and can be found in this perfect Etsy mug.

Even if unicorn products weren’t trending, though, we suspect this mug would still be very popular on the craft site. It’s a gorgeous Etsy creation, with a purple/white swirl color, charming gold stars, and, of course, the gold unicorn horn. It’s so pretty that it will make you seriously consider dropping over a hundred bucks on it — an amount you probably never thought you would even think about spending on something like a mug.

That’s the only downside to this product: it’s $135, plus shipping. If you want it customized with your name, the price goes up to $147. The hefty price tag is a result of the materials used to craft this beauty, which are stoneware and 22K gold. Plus, each mug is handmade and hand-painted, so each one has its own unique touch. Sure, it’s very expensive, but you know what? It seems worth it.

Imagine drinking your coffee or tea out of this Etsy mug? It’s like an Instagram photo waiting to happen.


This unicorn mug was recently featured on a list of “the best of Etsy” from Instagram, which isn’t shocking at all. If you want one for yourself (and I don’t blame you), go ahead and get your order in. According to the description, it can take three to four weeks to ship, and with this recent bout of extra popularity, that could increase.

If you’re not that into unicorns, but love the look of the Etsy mug, check out what else this magical seller offers. There are some incredible galaxy mugs, amazing geode planters, and the prettiest business card holders you’ll ever see — and that’s only naming a few. Happy shopping.

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