15 items you need to buy from Etsy’s first-ever sale

The goddess must be smiling down upon us this Labor Day weekend, because Etsy is having its first sale ever, and there are hundreds of items available that are worth snapping up right this second. Discounts start at 10% off, and everything from diamond engagement rings (seriously) to the perfect dishware for your newlywed friends is up for grabs.

Whether you’re shopping for your bestie, your mom, your bae, or yourself, there’s something available — at a discounted price — on Etsy right now. What are you waiting for?

Get out your credit cards, kids. We’re going shopping!

1Fall socks for the wine drinker in your life.


Get them here for $11.16.

2The perfect personalized necklace.


Get it here starting at $27.90.

3The only leggings you’ll want to wear on Halloween.


Get them here starting at $25.99.

4The perfect cake topper for your rustic fall wedding.


Get it here for $16.99.

5The coziest, chunkiest-knit blanket you’ve ever seen.


Get it here starting at $35.45.

6Sterling silver moon phases earrings (to make you feel like a heavenly being).


Get them here for $12.99.

7The only Oxfords you’ll need this fall.


Get them here for $89.25.

8Your new favorite shirt.


Get it here for $12.

9A candle to get you into the pumpkin spice spirit.


Get it here starting at $8.

10A T-shirt your inner Spice Girl can be proud of.


Get it here for $11.13.

11A rose gold marble iPhone case, because it’s the cheapest way to give yourself a makeover.


Get it here for $14.87.

12Mermaid earrings. ‘Nuff said.


Get them here starting at $13.

13New curtains to brighten up your living space.


Get them here starting at $43.20.

14A cute swimsuit to wear on your winter holiday.


Get it here for $37.50.

15An enamel pin with a very important message.


Get it here for $8.36.

Dear Etsy, please have more sales!

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