Please sing us lullabies every night, Ethan Hawke and Jimmy Fallon

What’s that sweet, sweet music we hear? Oh, it’s just Ethan Hawke and Jimmy Fallon singing us lullabies as we drift off to sleep. Turns out both dads sometimes have trouble putting their kids to bed, and Ethan has learned that the best way to calm his kids down is to play some tunes on his guitar.

BUT, he doesn’t just sing them any old song. Through lots of bedtime research, Ethan has discovered that his children really respond to lullabies sung in the key of Bob Dylan. Cue Ethan — who just happened to bring his guitar along to the show, naturally — strumming the most beautiful Dylan-inspired “Rock A Bye Baby” we’ve ever heard. Jimmy, never to be out done, just happens to have his guitar, too, and nails “Twinkle Twinkle.”

It’s when the Roots join in that everything really gets amazing. Finishing off with “Hush, Little Baby,” they really bring down the house and *yawn* we’re starting to feel a little bit sleepy. Nice work, dads.

For anyone who’s a big Dylan enthusiast (myself included) sometimes Dylan impressions are better than the real thing. Ethan and Jimmy totally nail everything, including the facial expressions. Now just put this on a CD, sell it on the NBC website, and we’ll drift off to sleep peacefully every single night.

Image via here.