So THIS is what happened to Ethan Craft in ‘Lizzie McGuire’

Forget Kanye running for president in 2020 because Ethan Craft is ready to lead this country.

In an interview with MTV News, actor Clayton Snyder was asked about where his heartthrob character is now. “He probably did [pursue politics]. He’s mayor. Honestly, he’s gotta get people to like him and get an administration around him to run the show,” the ’00s dream dude stated. “Ethan loves having his friends and having a good time and I think that would provide him with that and it would be a no-brainer. He can wear his suits and look cool. There was an episode where I was the President of the USA, [so] he certainly has the potential to go very far.” (This episode was obviously foreshadowing.)

While we would love to take a moment and imagine a President Craft, there are more pressing matters at hand. Does Clayton lather and rinse, but not repeat? “I have never repeated and never will,” he proclaimed. This is the most beautiful news we’ve ever heard. Now, we’d like to bless you with this equally significant clip:

But that’s not all for today’s Lizzie McGuire news. Oh, no.

After watching the above video – which is made out of pure Disney glory – can you imagine the lovable Ethan Craft as an antagonist? No? Well, apparently, that’s who he was initially supposed to be.

“He was a bully for the first couple episodes, still an airhead, but the first episode they shot was ‘Picture Day,’ and I spent most of my time trying to convince Gordo to make a straight, thug face for his picture for picture day. And then from there they kind of dropped the other love interest that was in the show, I don’t know if it’s a shooting conflict or what. It’s not that hard to write people on and off a show,” Snyder revealed, making us question everything we’ve ever known. “My character subtly or not shifted to become the heartthrob and was more lovable. Never once after that did he push people around.”

Thank goodness Ethan took a different path in life. I mean, can you imagine what this negativity would have done for his political career?

Luckily, we may be seeing Mr. Snyder on our screens sometime soon, meaning that we will have the opportunity to feel all the nostalgia. After Lizzie McGuire, the actor went to Pepperdine University, played professional water polo overseas (random, but cool), and now wants to get back into the acting world. This coming Saturday, Clayton will begin playing the role of Biff in the Back to the Future musical. If you live in Los Angeles, please check it out and report back.

Otherwise, we’ll just be over here, praying to the Disney Channel gods for a full-on Lizzie McGuire reunion.

[Images via Twitter and Disney Enterprises]

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