Esther from “Orphan” is all grown up and a totally not creepy Nike model 8 years later

If you love horror movies about psychotic children as much as we do — and really, who doesn’t — then you almost definitely caught the 2009 gem that is Orphan.

While Orphan is not remotely up to snuff with most of the movies that inspired it — think The Exorcist, The Omen, and The Bad Seed — its batshit insane ending makes it memorable, and its leading lady, Isabelle Fuhrman, truly does give it her all.

Warning: we are about to spoil the batshit insane ending from the movie Orphan.


Fuhrman’s character, Esther, poses as a 9-year-old Russian orphan to infiltrate the home of a couple played by Vera Farmiga and Peter Sarsgaard, who had just lost a child. After a whole bunch of crap goes horribly wrong — she bludgeons a nun with a hammer, for one — we learn that Esther is actually a 33-year-old escaped mental patient with a rare disease that stunts her physical growth.

Esther, whose real name is actually Leena, had murdered the last family she infiltrated when the husband would not have sex with her, and after Sarsgaard’s character discovers her violent murder-porn collection — also after she removes her disguise and reveals her straightjacket scars, her terrible skin, and her decaying teeth — she stabs him to death.

The movie ends with Farmiga kicking “Esther” in the face, breaking her neck violently.


We told you this movie is insane.

Anyway, again, Fuhrman gave a great performance as Esther, but she hasn’t exactly exploded to A-list status since.

However, unlike some of her 2000s horror movie creepy kid brethren — like Aiden from The Ring, who ditched acting for Harvard Law School — the now 19-year-old hasn’t disappeared from the limelight altogether. In fact, Fuhrman appears to be on the verge of another breakout year in 2017.

Her biggest role post-Orphan was as Clove, the District 2 female tribute in The Hunger Games — but since Fuhrman portrayed a Hunger Games contestant who was not named Katniss or Peeta, you can probably guess why she did not return for the sequels.


Fuhrman told MTV she auditioned to play Katniss and wanted the role “so badly,” but was told by director Gary Ross that, at 14, she was too young.

She then booked a recurring role as Lizzy Caplan’s teen daughter on Showtime’s Masters of Sex, which was canceled last fall despite its critical acclaim.


According to Fuhrman’s IMDB page, she currently has two major projects ahead of her in 2017 — Shoplifters of the World opposite Joe Manganiello, and Down a Dark Hall opposite AnnaSophia Robb and Uma Thurman.

She and Robb definitely seemed to bond on the latter project.

Beginning this week, Furhrman can be seen onstage alongside Abigail Breslin in the Off-Broadway play All the Fine Boys.


Those two seem to be getting on fine, too!

Fuhrman keeps a barely active Facebook, a semi-active Twitter, and a very active Instagram account, meaning she’s pretty much exactly like every other 19-year-old on Planet Earth, just with a more glamorous job and A-list friends.

She seems to have a very rad career ahead of her, and also recently picked up running, modeling for Nike’s “Why I Run” campaign in 2016.

“Running with other cast members is a great bonding experience; you can really get to know a lot about a person when you run with them — not just about who they are as a runner, but who they are as a person,” she said. “You can tell the people who push themselves and really work hard, and you can also tell the ones who need a little bit of help along the way.”

We’re happy to see Fuhrman’s career is progressing well…but, you know, we kind of also hope she plays at least one more psychotic horror villain in our lifetimes, because we all deserve at least that much.