Essie’s spring 2017 collection is here, and it’s all about California dreaming

One of the best ways to perk yourself up in the dead of winter is a fresh mani. Like, that’s just a fact. And Essie’s spring 2017 collection is here and ready to get you in the mood for outside rosé drinking, beach trips, and tank tops. The new colors are all great and on trend, for sure, but let’s be real: The best, and only, way to pick a new shade is by the polish name. The best kind of self care is picking a nail color with a name to match your mood, and smiling at it all day, like a little inside joke with yourself.

When you’re working too many jobs and need to remember that the side-hustle is necessary, it’s best to break the dresscode with OPI’s “I’m Not Really A Waitress,” and remind yourself that lousy tips are the best way to make rent before you take over the world. The only way to prepare for a job interview, aside from picking out a professional-but-still-incredibly-hip top, is to make sure you slap on a shade like the 2011 Essie “Power Clutch,” and channel your inner CEO while explaining to a prospective boss what you can bring to the table.

Are your two favorite ladies tying the knot and you don’t know what to wear? Browsing for a party dress with the very LGBTQ friendly “Brides No Grooms” is a good place to start.

Seriously, picking a polish based on its name is always the best way to go. Are we the only ones who do this?

The newest Essie collection is all about a California road trip with your BFFs and all that that entails. The colors are bright, nail-art worthy, and of course, have lighthearted names to match the bold colors.

On The Roadie

This kelly green is perfect, whether it’s used to accent a spring flower on your thumb or if you need to up your St. Patrick’s Day look.

Excuse Me, Sur

This “mango coral,” as Essie calls it, can add some punch to a spring french mani.

All The Wave

It’s all the rage. (Get it?)

Backseat Besties

Necessary for any road trip.

Designated DJ

We all have one in the squad.

Ba’ha Moment

A nice complement to Essie’s “Bahama Mama.”

Get thee to a nail salon for some California summer vibes if you need a quick pick-me-up. Or just pick a polish with a punny name.