The espresso tonic is poised to be the iced drink of the summer

Move over, cold brew coffee and iced matcha lattes: There’s a new cold, caffeinated beverage making waves. The espresso tonic is quickly gaining in popularity; in fact, it may just end up being the summer beverage of choice.

Foodie/ host/ TV personality Alton Brown is so enamored of the espresso tonic that, according to POPSUGAR, he has shared pictures of the beverage on both Instagram and Facebook.

Any drink worthy of two separate photos on two platforms must be something special; Brown even went so far as to say the espresso and tonic is his new “Summer go-to.”

The refreshing drink is pretty simple to create: iced tonic water is poured in a glass, and then espresso shots (one or more, depending upon the size of the glass and/or the caffeine needs of the drinker) are poured over it. The bright, almost sweet tonic water combines with the dark, slightly bitter espresso to create a match made in energizing heaven.

The pairing of espresso and tonic water is the perfect pairing of refreshing carbonation and punchy, intense espresso. It creates a light, almost creamy combination, without the heaviness of milk- which is perfect in warmer weather. The tonic water also helps cleanse the palate, so your mouth will feel more clean and refreshed than if you were drinking a standard coffee.

Of course, we’re not saying that if you are a cream-loving soul, you couldn’t spice this puppy up by adding a shot of half-and-half, soymilk, or even (gasp) sweetened condensed milk. It might kick down the effervescence, but it’s not a bad dessert replacement, sort of like an egg cream (and you still get your caffeine buzz).

With all that to offer, we can’t wait to try it. In fact, based on the descriptions, we can see why Alton Brown has fallen hard for the beverage — and considering he literally travels around eating and drinking, his word is good enough for us!