Erika Christensen just posted the first photos of her baby girl, and she’s absolutely adorable

Former Parenthood star Erika Christensen and her husband, Cole Maness, had their first child just over a week ago — a baby girl named Shane. They’ve likely been super busy basking in the glory (and sleeplessness) of new-parenthood, and even though she basically live-tweeted her entire labor, she’s basically been silent on social media since then. While we missed her presence on the internet, we totally understand!

However, she recently broke the silence to Instagram and tweet some photos of her baby girl, and they’re absolutely ADORABLE. Take a look:

The caption says, “Week one down with the new BFF. Our girl Shane is killing the newborn game.” Isn’t that the sweetest? The two of them look so beautiful, and it looks like Shane is already so in love with her mom. This is one of the most beautiful mother-daughter pictures we’ve seen, and it’s one they’ll cherish forever.

She also posted this photo to Twitter this morning: false

Motherhood isn’t all a dream, but we’re so glad she feels like it’s all dreamy right now. (Hold on to that feeling, Erika!) And that photo is absolutely gorgeous — Cole has some serious photography skills. We wish their family the absolute best, and can’t wait to see more photos in the future as Shane grows up.

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