Eric Trump says guns kept him from drinking and doing drugs

By now, we’re used to seeing the words “Trump” and “tweet” in the same sentence. Usually, the Trump referenced is Donald Trump. But this time, the Trump making news for his Twitter thoughts is Eric Trump. Donald’s third child just took to the social media platform to express how guns helped him build character as a teen. And Twitter had some thoughts.

Eric quote-tweeted a Fox News article about a New Jersey high school that suspended two teens over a photo taken at a gun range. The picture was posted on Snapchat and featured four rifles, magazines, and a gun duffel. It was captioned, “fun day at the range.” As a result, the two students received a five-day in-school suspension. The school argued that the picture violated their policy about weapons possession. And Trump expressed his distaste for the decision.

“Shooting was a big part of my youth,” Eric tweeted on Monday, March 19th. “It kept me away from drinking/drugs, taught me safety, discipline, consentration [sic] and so many other positive life lessons. It has brought generations of children together with parents, grandparents and other role models.”

Eric included the hashtag #2A, referencing the Second Amendment, which protects the right for people to keep and bear arms.

Twitter quickly responded, calling Eric out for his spelling mistake.

People pointed out that there are plenty of other ways to build character.


And some called him out for his love of hunting.

It’s clear that we’re still very divided on guns in America.

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