Everything I need to know, I learned from Eric Forman

Because I decided to watch the romcom Valentine’s Day on, well, Valentine’s Day, I remembered how in love with Topher Grace I am. Topher used to be my biggest crush (besides Leo, obviously), like pictures-in-my-dorm crush on him. And I still do. And for no solid reason other than the fact that I want to celebrate Topher Grace, I’m having a theme month. ALL TOPHER EVERYTHING, starting with That ’70s Show, duh.

EINTKILF Eric Forman

1. Everyone’s opinion is worthwhile.
One of the greatest things about Eric is his ability to connect to a wide range of people. His friend group is full of nutjobs. His parents are polar opposites. His relationship with everyone in his life remains relatively functional throughout the series, though. And it’s mostly because Eric is an even-keeled, loving young man. He must be a Cancer or something.

2. Sibling bickering is normal.
Lori and Eric are the most stereotypical siblings ever, but I mean, I guess it was supposed to represent the ’70s, and maybe siblings fought more often back in the day? (What am I saying, we fought all the time.) Regardless, Lori and Eric were ruthless. When Lori was around, she and Eric went rounds on each other, insulting everything from nerdiness to sexual promiscuity. At the bottom of it all however, they definitely loved each other.

3. Your parents aren’t idiots.
Though Eric and Red had a very funny relationship, everyone knows that they loved each other a lot. Red called Eric a lot of names, and Eric did a lot of grouchy eye-rolling at Red. Kitty giggled a lot, and I think Eric just loved her because who doesn’t? That all being said, every time Eric and his pals spent some time downstairs, they didn’t give Red and Kitty a whole lot of credit in knowing what was going on. Basically, this is a long rambling lesson that is trying to say: YOUR PARENTS KNOW EVERYTHING.

4. Reading is important.

Of course, reading is important, and basically Eric is representing all of us when it comes to anything. (Netflix, reading, refreshing our Instagram feeds on repeat). Eric is all of us.

5. Your friends are the world.
. . .no matter what goofballs they are.

Hyde, Jackie, Fez, stupid Kelso, and Donna are Eric’s crew. They make zero sense. No one in that group should be hanging out with each other. Jackie is materialistic and rude, Donna is confident and solid, Hyde is bitter and sharp, Kelso is a complete airhead, and Fez has no idea what is going on at all ever. But for some reason, they all come together to make a loving, wonderful group of people. That’s what friendship is, huh? Aww.

Even all these years later.

6. Remain optimistic.
Because Eric has a way of remaining hopeful.

7. Self-confidence is important.
I am an incredibly self-confident person, and I think recognizing your own strengths (and weaknesses) is very important. Eric has a tendency to not only recognize his strengths (see below), but he has a great self-deprecating sense of humor, as well. Perfect combo, IMO.

8. Your parents love you, no matter what.
Red and Kitty are the best parents. Red is grouchy and harsh, Kitty is loopy and kind. Eric has a great relationship with both of his parents, and even when Red is exceptionally rude (to Eric and his friends), Eric knows that he loves him. It is one of the most touching parts of That ’70s Show, to be completely honest.

9. True love lasts a lifetime.
Now Donna and Eric were in love from a very young age, and though I am usually entirely against that, it works for them. I was a diehard That ’70s Show fan from day one, but I did lose a bit of interest during the whole Donna-went-blonde-and-Eric-went-to-Africa thing. I do, however, know that they end up together. I mean, it was open for interpretation, but I interpreted as that they were together. AS THEY ALWAYS SHOULD HAVE BEEN BECAUSE TRUE LOVE MATTERS.

10. We’re all alright. 
Though I touched on the group of friends thing earlier, there is a reason I want to reinforce the fact that we’re all alright. Because, guys, we are all alright. No matter what happens, whose feelings get hurt, who moves to Africa and breaks your heart. That ’70s Show is everything, and helped me through adolescence, and I adore it, and mostly, I adore Eric Forman.

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