OMG, Eric from “Boy Meets World” got married!

Anyone else have a childhood crush on Eric Matthews from Boy Meets World? Well, ladies and gentleman, he’s officially off the market. Actor Will Friedle joyously announced on Twitter that he got hitched this weekend to his lady love.

You might be thinking, wait…Mrs. Squirrels?

But, think back to the episode of Boy Meets World, when Eric lovingly got the name of “Plays With Squirrels” after trying to live like a hermit. This might refresh your memory a little bit.

The fact that he’s still in on the joke? Love it. (His Twitter image is actually a still from that very scene, so obviously it’s near and dear to him!)

Of course, Friedle always thinks of the fans first. One of his tweets was actually an apology that his supporters couldn’t be there with him on his big day.

While it doesn’t look like his past co-stars of Boy Meets World were in attendance, it’s definitely not due to any kind of bad blood. In fact, Friedle recently made an appearance on the super popular spin-off Girl Meets World, which focuses on Cory and Topanga’s family. I’m guessing we all assumed that the “dearly beloveds” would have been performed by Mr. Feeny, so hearing this news is a bit of a letdown. (We mean, he’s there for every event! How great would that have been? Someone, get William Daniels on the phone pronto!)


More information on the brand new Mrs. Friedle hasn’t been made available, but that’s quite alright. All we need to know is that Friedle is happy and doing well, and judging by these photos, that’s definitely the case!

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