You know what you need? Epsom salts. No joke.

I’ll admit that I have something of a short beauty attention span — I’m always onto the next product release. However, my love for all things natural, non-toxic and DIY still stands strong, and always has me coming back for more. Lately I’ve been hooked on coconut oil, but as I’ve continued to dabble in the enticing realm of holistic beauty, epsom salts have easily become my latest beauty obsession. So without further adieu, let’s get right to it, and break down all the infinite and amazing ways you can use this bathroom cabinet staple.

Epsom Salts Make Ridiculously Awesome Scrubs:

Raw turbinado sugar is usually my go to DIY scrub ingredient of choice, but when I’m running low or want something more gentle on my skin, epsom salt is a great backup as it sloughs away dead skin cells pronto. For a natural lip, facial or body scrub, whip up some hydrating coconut oil mixed with epsom salts (I’m crushing hard over Whole Foods’ formula) and scrub away. For a sweet smelling alternative, add some fragrant essential oils (I love lavender or peppermint) to your recipe, and let the good times roll!

They Also Beat Bites And Burns:
Living out in the deep woods of Northern New Jersey, bug bites are all too common. Luckily, health and wellness gurus are reporting the amazing healing properties that epsom salts have against unwanted bites and burns, so you can FINALLY kiss those nasty and itchy bites goodbye. To get some fast relief, try rubbing a mixture of epsom salt and water onto minor mosquito bites and sunburns.

Bath Time Never Felt More Relaxing:

Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a relaxing bath after a long and stressful day at work? Epsom salts have already found their way inside a lot of your favorite bath-time treatments, but if you want to save yourself some extra cash, buying straight up epsom salts (without the bath product extras) can work just as well. Next time you need some “me time,” add a cup of epsom salts to hot water and zen-out. Plus, you probably didn’t know that soaking your bod with this detoxifying gem helps you melt away your worries and leaves your skin silky and smooth.

Adios Sore Feet:
After one exhausting New York Fashion Week, I discovered this cure from an old stiletto-hoarding friend. To beat the painful blisters, peeling and aching feet caused by our favorite sky-high shoes, simply soak your feet in hot water (mixed with epsom salts) to give your pooped out tootsies a well-deserved break. Do this repeatedly for the next couple days, alongside hydrating and exfoliating your feet, and say hello to revitalized heels!  And in case you don’t know, you can also apply the same concept to aching muscles by soaking your bod in a tub full of hot water and epsom salts.

And Epsom Salts Volumize Your Hair:

If you want to pump up your thin brittle hair (like yours truly!), epsom salts will surely do the trick. I found out about this quirky little trick thanks to Pop Sugar Beauty and after trying it out, I can say it gives tresses that necessary oomph I need. Just like you would apply sea salt spray to your locks,  spritz some epsom salts with water onto your hair for gorgeous, voluminous results.

It’s So Darn Affordable:
It’s rare to find a multi-tasking lifesaver that won’t compromise this month’s rent. Way cheaper than your trusty tube of lipstick, most packs of epsom salts cost under $10, and last you a good couple months. So, the next time you have that undeniable urge to beautify, (but on the cheap) grab some salts and let the natural primping begin.

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