Episode 96: Savannah King ‘Royals’ (Lorde)


Savannah King is a an acoustic singer/songwriter from Buffalo, NY. She started playing the guitar at the age of 13 when she found a small Goya behind her couch. From then on, nothing could get a guitar from her hands. Although emotion and drama are great elements for her songwriting, Savannah generally thinks that life is much too serious and finds that a smile and a nap can cure most things. Her latest album, She Sends Her Love was released in May 2012. All the proceeds from She Sends Her Love go directly to the Music is Art charity in Buffalo, NY.  You can hear more from Savannah here.

As part of our super fun Video Chat Karaoke series, we’d love to see our wonderful readers (that means you!) show us your stuff by sending in clips of you singing along to your favorite tunes.

Here’s Savannah working it to the Lorde track ‘Royals’ – we think she does a great job!

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