Episode 87: Kenny Ward ‘Beez In The Trap’ (Nicki Minaj)


Kenny Ward is a singer/songwriter from Connecticut, the oh-so-exciting “Nutmeg State”. Yum. When he’s not writing songs or performing at local music venues and coffee shops, Kenny can be found jogging through the New England landscapes, cuddling with his dog (and sometimes other people’s dogs), or watching SpiceWorld: The Spice Girls Movie. Kenny plays the guitar, bass and ukulele and also makes a mean cup of coffee.

At ten years old, Kenny started playing the guitar and within a few years, started writing songs. Before long, he started playing small local gigs for his adoring fans (aka reluctant friends) and rooms full of strangers. To get some music out, Kenny started serenading a camera in his room and posting them to YouTube, with surprising success. Within a few years, Kenny gained some notoriety and started opening for bigger names like Ryan Cabrera, Teddy Geiger, and Karla Davis. By 2013, Kenny had released his debut single, ‘Free (Alive ‘n Well)’ which can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and so on. The song has been played on local and college radio around the country and is the first of many releases to come. You can find him on Facebook, check out dem Instagrams, see his excessive tweets, watch him sing to a camera on YouTube and get some FREE MUSIC (you know you want it) on BandCamp.

As part of our super fun Video Chat Karaoke series, we’d love to see our wonderful readers (that means you!) show us your stuff by sending in clips of you singing along to your favourite tunes.

Here’s Kenny working it to the Nicki Minaj track ‘Beez In The Trap’ – we think he does a great job!

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