This bride and groom’s epic wedding fail is taking over the internet

Even the calmest brides and grooms have some jitters on their wedding day about something going wrong. It’s a big day, and there’s often a lot of pressure to make it perfect.

One Texas couple had a picture-perfect day, and they lived happily ever after…that is, until they said farewell to their guests and had the most epic wedding fail of all time. Let’s just say they were left with more than just a bruised ego.

Hana Haka and Tyler Noland were married in McKinney, Texas earlier this month, and their grand exit from the celebration painted the picture of newlywed bliss. Their friends, family, and bridal party cheered and waved balloons as they prepared to ride off into the sunset as newly-minted husband and wife. But the videographer captured what is surely one of the biggest — and most hilarious — wedding fails of all time.

Check out the video here, and jump to about 1:02 if you’re short on time.

With every single wedding guest bidding them farewell, Hana and Tyler sat on the trunk of a Mercedes convertible, ready for their driver, Dave, to whisk them off into the night. The couple posed for a few final photos, with their friends and family still cheering as they prepared to take off.

Things went horribly awry when Hana yelled, “Let’s go, Dave!” and Dave floored it, promptly causing the bride and groom to fly off the back of the car.

Guests were obviously horrified, running over to the couple to make sure they were okay. Thankfully, Hana and Tyler were uninjured and made it safely to their honeymoon. But we’re sure this wasn’t the romantic getaway moment they envisioned on their big day.

Turns out, for better or worse can happen quicker than you’d think. Congratulations, you two! Here’s hoping things will only get better from here.