Kids are playing the most epic “invisibility” prank on their little siblings, and it’s genius

While technology has changed childhood a ton since we were kids (smartphones, we’re looking at you), it appears there’s one thing that’ll never change: Older siblings will always pull pranks on their little brothers and sisters.

The latest viral prank comes courtesy of the Netflix series Magic for Humans. In late August, Netflix released a clip from the series, in which magician Justin Willman tricks unsuspecting audience members into believing they’re invisible. While some of the “invisible” audience members took full advantage of their newfound “invisibility,” others went into panic mode at the notion of actually being unseeable.

And just like that, a new challenge was born.

For the prank to work, the person agreeing to become invisible—usually a child—sits in a designated spot. The prankster puts a blanket or sheet over their “victim,” says the magic words, and swiftly pulls the blanket away. Everyone in the room acts shocked, pretending not to see the poor “newly invisible” soul.

But it doesn’t end there.

The prankster “proves” the trick worked by taking a picture of the victim in a chair…only they actually took the picture well before the prank took place, allowing them to reveal an “empty” photo. Genius.


A few existential crises aside, nobody was truly harmed in the making of these pranks. However, we think this might mean an entire generation of traumatized kids officially won’t pick invisibility as their dream superpower.

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