We just figured out what EOS stands for, and we almost dropped our lip balm

We’ve all owned an EOS lip balm or two (or, let’s be honest, 12). You know, the little round rubbery plastic pods that smell great and feel fantastic on your lips but don’t fit in your pocket? Well, if you’ve ever wondered what EOS stands for, we finally have the answer.

The brand’s mysterious initials appear on every one of its lip balm pods, as well as its other products. You probably look at the letters every time your lips are in need of a moisturizer. Maybe once in a while you consider looking up what they stand for, but you just never take that next step of actually googling it. Or maybe you’ve noticed the letters, but they have no effect whatsoever on your life.

Either way, the letters EOS stand for something, and we’re about to tell you what it is.

EOS stands for the Evolution of Smooth. Meaning, once you use the lip balm, your lips will evolve into the smoothest lips on the planet. Or something along those lines.


This new information will likely not change your life for the better, but it may change your relationship with EOS lip balms. It’s always nice to know a little bit more about something you share such intimate moments with.

So the next time you grab your little colorful pod to apply some moisture to your lips, you can look at those tiny letters and smile. Because you know its secret, and secrets are fun.

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