What is your Enneagram type? This personality test is becoming the next big thing

Even though no one knows you as well as you know yourself, it’s still fun to take personality tests and learn more about who you are. There are plenty of options out there on the internet, like the Myers-Briggs personality test, which is maybe the most popular. But a new way to find out more about your personality has been trending lately, and it’s really interesting. It’s called the Enneagram test and once you take it, you’ll find out your Enneagram type. What are Enneagram types, though? They’re actually super interesting.

The Enneagram test tells you your basic personality type. The test looks at the type that dominates your personality. The official Enneagram website says,

"Everyone emerges from childhood with oneof the nine types dominating their personality, with inborn temperament and other pre-natal factors being the main determinants of our type. This is one area where almost all of the major Enneagram authors agree — we are born with a dominant type."

That dominant type is probably the most important part of our personality, as it determines who we are. It’s the type you are born with, basically, and what shaped who you were as a kid, which contributes to who  you are now. The creators of the test say that you could see yourself in many types, and you may share those traits, but your one basic type is what you need to pay attention to.

Intrigued? The Enneagram types are described below. You can take the test to learn which type you are, and then go from there:

1Type One: The Reformer

Anyone who is a Type One is probably best known for being a perfectionist. Type Ones are controlled and rational, and they are always trying to be the best they can be. While Type Ones can be calm and relaxed, they can also be pretty judgmental and stubborn. Type Ones believe there is a right and a wrong way to do something, so if you’re not doing things that way, they can’t really get behind that.

As perfectionists, Type Ones are great at doing things the right way, following the rules and guidelines, and getting things done. But they are also really hard on themselves and put a lot of pressure on themselves — sometimes they put a lot of pressure on others too. As far as emotions go, Type Ones hold in a lot of anger, but they don’t always show it. They can be very controlled…until they explode.

2Type Two: The Helper

Type Two people are very helpful, caring, and loving. These are genuine people who are known for being super supportive and generous. Type Twos are extremely concerned with the personal relationships in their lives, and they put a lot of energy and focus on those. A Type Two makes an amazing friend because of how caring they are, but they can also come across as needy. As much as Type Twos like to be there for others, they also want love and support as well.

A Type Two is the person you would turn to first if you needed help or attention, and that’s great. They’ll make you feel great about yourself because they know how to build confidence. However, if you’re a Type Two, you might notice that you barely have time for yourself. One of the negative things about being a Type Two is that you’re often so focused on others, you forget about your own needs.

3Type Three: The Achiever

Type Threes are dedicated to success and being the best they can be. Type Threes will do anything to be number one at whatever task they’re doing, and they’ll probably get there. This personality type is known for their hard work. Type Threes are ambitious and efficient, allowing them to excel at pretty much anything. However, all of focus on being the best can make them a little too competitive. Type Threes are also a little too concerned with their appearance and how they come off to others.

If you’re a Type Three, you probably love to take the lead on just about any project, and you might agree that you’re willing to step over others to get to the top. This is the person on a reality show who says, “I’m not here to make friends. I’m here to win.” While Type Threes are not great at emotional stuff, they are pretty great at communicating and they’re very smart.

4Type Four: The Individualist

If you are dramatic and moody, chances are good that you’re a Type Four. Type Four personalities are super sensitive and temperamental, but they are also creative, courageous, and self-aware. A Type Four can see beauty in just about anything, and their unique way of looking at the world is something that draws others to them. Type Fours aren’t just daydreaming all the time, though — when they have a purpose or goal in mind, they use a tremendous amount of drive and passion to get there.

The biggest negative about a Type Four is how emotional they can be. Type Fours are very moody and can act up a bit. Type Fours are also known for obsessing over what they can’t have, without appreciating what they do have.

5Type Five: The Investigator

A Type Five is that quiet, but super smart person who keeps to themselves. Type Fives are more introverted and reserved, but they are also known for their intellect. Because of their shy personalities, Type Fives can often come across as full of themselves and snobby, which definitely isn’t ideal. But Type Fives are curious and perceptive, and they come up with some brilliant ideas.

However, getting close to a Type Five is tough. This type is not good with emotions. They avoid them almost completely for the most part, and they aren’t thrilled with trusting others. It can be hard to get close to a Type Five, and if you are a Type Five, you might find it hard to open up to others.

6Type Six: The Loyalist

Think of the mom of the friend group: that’s probably the best way to describe a Type Six. Type Six people are responsible and devoted, always prepared for whatever might happen. They are also really trustworthy, and focused on the greater good. It’s not all good, though: Type Six people get suspicious and anxious easily, and they are always worrying about something.

Type Six people tend to be more negative than positive. Their life is full of one worry after another, and they often find themselves stressed. But if you’re a Type Six, you’re also probably really good at solving problems and getting through that bad stuff you worry about. You also come across as someone others can rely on and trust.

7Type Seven: The Enthusiast

A Type Seven is the life of the party. This is an extrovert who loves to keep busy and go out and do things with other people. In fact, Type Sevens are so focused on fun and having a good time that it’s sometimes the only thing they prioritize — and that can be bad. Type Sevens can be impulsive and reckless to a fault. But at the same time, Type Sevens are fun, adventurous, and always exciting to be around.

Type Sevens are also pretty smart and practical. Because they hate to get bored, they are always looking to try new things and go new places, which opens up their world. Type Sevens are also naturally positive people who know how to deal with sadness and anger.

8Type Eight: The Challenger

A Type Eight person can come across as aggressive and controlling. Type Eights are confident and powerful, and they can be a lot to take in — they can also be difficult to deal with. As they are often control freaks, Type Eights can be stubborn and hard to work with. But they are also known for being protective and influential. They can inspire others with their dominating personality.

Type Eights are, not surprisingly, obsessed with being strong. They never want to be seen as weak and they don’t like seeing that trait in others. Type Eights are aggressive, so they struggle with emotions like anger and coming across as vulnerable.

9Type Nine: The Peacemaker

Type Nines are probably the most peaceful type on this list. They are easygoing and relaxed people who hate conflict and like to try to get along with everyone. Type Nines are agreeable and understanding, probably the person you want on your side. This is all great, but being that peaceful can be tough. Type Nines can be so worried about conflict that they’ll agree to things they don’t even want to do.

Type Nines are super passive, and they often end up ignoring their own thoughts and what they want so that they can please the people around them. This obviously isn’t fair to them, in the long run.

Which type are you? You’d be surprised at how well it will fit you.