12 English chocolates that are better than American chocolates by far

The United States has had an interesting relationship with England ever since that little thing known as the American Revolution. While we’re allies nowadays, that doesn’t mean there isn’t some tension over which country is superior. And although I’m a proud citizen of the good old U.S. of A. (well, most of the time — thanks for that, Trump), being an Anglophile means I know when the UK is better at certain things than the U.S. — and that includes the all-important topic of chocolate. Maybe it has something to do with them being slightly exotic, but the following English chocolates are better than American ones. Sure, it all depends on your particular taste, but even the most patriotic of Americans will want to try these British chocolates once they hear about them.

Of all the European nations, America has a lot in common with the U.K. since those pesky Brits colonized the part that first became the United States. However, there are differences between the U.S. and U.K. and that extends to tasty treats. Of course, the U.S. has some awesome chocolates too, and the Brits certainly have some ill-advised mixing of fruit into their chocolates, but these particular British chocolates are just more delectable than American ones. And while you won’t see a Yorkie on this list (I’m still not over its old slogan, “It’s not for girls!”), these 12 other British chocolate candy bars are worth a transatlantic flight.

1Mars bar

With the ingredients being nougat and caramel covered in milk chocolate, you might think you’ve been there, done that with a Milky Way bar. But trust me — there’s something truly special about Mars bars and they might be the reason why I gained a couple kilos while studying abroad in London years ago.

2Cadbury Dairy Milk

This milk chocolate bar is simple, but oh-so deliciously smooth, especially if you think Cadbury chocolate is the best. Plus, it comes in an assortment of flavors, like caramel and Oreo. No wonder it has such a devoted fan base.

3Toffee Crisp

Has there ever been a more British-sounding candy bar?

4Double Decker

Nougat stacked on top of crispy cereal covered in chocolate will have you wishing you were enjoying one of these while riding a double-decker bus around London.


Not to be confused with a Milky Way bar, a Milkybar is for white chocolate lovers everywhere. Plus, goodtoknow reports it’s only 137 calories! That’s basically health food, y’all.


With two separate bars in each package, think of this as the Twix of England — except it’s two Flake bars (which, as the name suggests, are basically just bars made up of chocolate flakes) covered in chocolate.


Actually, come to think of it, a Boost bar is actually more like a Twix with caramel and “biscuit” (aka, cookie) covered in chocolate. Have this one at tea time.


Your dentist probably wouldn’t be excited to hear that you’re crunching down on a honeycomb toffee-filled Crunchie bar, but when has that ever stopped you?

9Galaxy Minstrels

These bite-sized treats are like British M&Ms filled with Galaxy chocolate.

10Aero Mint

This aerated chocolate gives this candy a bubbly texture and though it comes in plain milk chocolate, the mint flavor is the best.

11Walnut Whip

A Walnut Whip is unlike anything you’ve seen before in America. With a chocolate cone filled with vanilla and topped off with a walnut, it’s no wonder Nestlé claims one is eaten every two seconds in the U.K.

12Curly Wurly

Chocolate-covered caramel in a funky shape. People love it so much, they sing about it!

While it’s all fine and good to have American pride, these chocolate candies prove it’s okay to go international sometimes.