This English bar’s found a nifty way to (legally) ban cellphones

We know, we know — young adults these days are always glued to their phones, making it harder to have ~*genuine connections*~ with other people. Of course, millennials aren’t the only ones fixated on their phones even when they’re supposedly out on the town, and one English bar has finally decided enough is enough.

The Gin Tub is a pub in Sussex, England with a very unique feature: A Faraday cage that essentially blocks incoming cell service. A Faraday cage works by installing copper wire mesh and tin foil (yes, those conspiracy theorists latched onto real science) around a space, diverting the invisible electomagnetic fields that swirl around electronics of all kinds. It’s a neat, legal way (Gin Tub owner Steve Tyler made sure to check) way to keep patrons focused on each other.

More and more places are fixated on controlling cell phone use, particularly within the live music world. For folks like Tyler, who make their living ostensibly off of bringing people together, cell phones are a huge distraction from the real reason people should be in a space. Of course, most of us are guilty of turning to our phones to get away from people, but that should, in theory, be determined and controlled by ourselves. However, patrons of the Gin Tub are enjoying the change, and of course, Tyler is too: “I think I’ve hit a nerve in the world, that I think it’s rude, and I think society has accepted people on their phones in bars and in places where it’s socially unacceptable.”

Hey, the next time you go out on the town, maybe you’ll see that Tyler’s approach has been picked up elsewhere. Just check your phone — and then even if it works, maybe tuck it away.