Engagement ring piercings are apparently a thing, and ouch

Call us boring and traditional, but we have a soft spot for “old fashioned” engagement rings. By “old fashioned” we mean the type that are actual rings you can wear on your finger. As opposed to the new engagement ring piercing the “kids” are getting today.

Yeah, that’s right. The diamond is embedded into your finger. Uh, ouch.

To be fair, the process of getting a dermal piercing, as they’re called, isn’t new at all. We’ve seen dermal piercings on faces, chests, and arms before. But engagement ring dermal piercings are growing in popularity.

The engagement ring piercing process is much less simple than slipping a ring on your finger after a partner proposes. A piercing technician must remove a circle of skin from your finger using a sharp punch. They then mount the diamond into the hole using small anchors under the skin.

Although painful, the piercing itself is pretty simple. But there’s a lot that can go wrong with dermal, and specifically, engagement ring piercings. Piercer Cassi Lopez told Refinery29 that dermals are “accidents waiting to happen.” She said the simplest act of reaching into a pocket, putting on gloves, or wiping yourself after going to the bathroom can cause your piercing to tear, be rejected by your skin, or get seriously infected.


So, yeah. These piercings may look really cool, but they’re not designed to last. That fact alone ~might~ be a bad omen for your marriage. But who are we to say, right?

At the end of the day, to each their own when it comes to engagement rings. Removable or not, they’re meaningful and special to the wearer.

Just maybe weigh the pros and cons before getting punched and pierced.

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