15 Engagement Nail Polish Colors That Will Make Your Diamond *Pop*

Nail artists and diamond experts offer their top picks.

When you’re in a serious relationship that’s headed toward marriage, chances are you’ve imagined what your engagement will be like. Maybe it’ll take place at the beach at sunset, inside a fancy restaurant, or in the comfort of your shared home. But an element you’ve definitely pictured is how the sure-to-be shiny engagement ring will look on your hand. And in these daydreams, we’re betting your fingernails aren’t bare—or worse—chipped and misshapen.

Many women who have an inkling that their partner is going to propose (or often, have discussed it and know the ring is coming), decide to keep their nails in tip-top shape 24/7 in preparation for the big question being popped. If you’re always on top of your nail art game, you can rest easy knowing that when that ring is on your finger, your engagement nails will look A+, too.

But which nail colors complement engagement rings? We spoke to nail artists and a diamond expert who offered their advice for achieving the ideal engagement nails. “You don’t want to upstage the ring, so I would avoid chrome or glittery shades,” Essie Global Lead Educator Rita Remark tells HelloGiggles. Founder of NAILS OF LA and celebrity nail artist Brittney Boyce seconds this notion, confirming, “Nude, barely there shades are the most classic shades to show off your engagement ring—you want the star to be your ring.”

KISS Brand Ambassador and celebrity nail artist Gina Edwards explains, “If you want to draw more attention to the bling on your finger versus a blingy hand, I suggest keeping the nails a solid color and have them be a medium/short length.”

When it comes to matching your manicure to an engagement ring, Remark recommends focusing on the band. “When choosing a color, it’s less about matching the diamond than it is matching with the metal,” she says. Typically, couples discuss the metal they’ll choose, so hopefully, you have a starting point. Remark broke down how to pair nails with different metals on engagement rings below.

Cool tones

“For silver, white gold, and platinum rings, use a nail polish with cooler tones like blues, lilacs, or gray,” Remark says. “Essie has some great options in these tones such as Find Me An Oasis, Lilacism, and Chinchilly.”

engagement nails

Essie Find Me an Oasis

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Warm tones

“For warmer metals such as gold, choose reds, corals, and warm-toned pinks,” Remark advises. “I recommend Essie nail polish shades Geranium and Bordeaux.

essie nail polish engagement nails

Essie Bordeaux

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“Of course, you can always complement any ring with a sheer nude or pink, too,” Remark adds. “I recommend Essie nail polish shades Skinny Dip and Ballet Slippers.”

engagement nails

Essie Ballet Slippers

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Senior Vice President of Merchandising & Retail Expansion at Brilliant Earth, Kathryn Money, also shared her top five picks for engagement nail colors below.


“Bright white nail polish creates a clean and fresh look that flatters any skin color,” Money tells HelloGiggles. “It goes particularly well with a white gold ring by highlighting its brilliant shine, as well as the white of your diamond.”

engagement nails

OPI Alpine Snow

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Soft pinks

“Peachy pinks or a nude color with pink undertones is the perfect complement to rose gold rings,” Money explains. “The neutral coloring doesn’t distract from your #ringselfie and also helps to elongate the look of your fingers.”

engagement nails

Essie Bare with Me

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Classic red

“A traditional bright or deep red provides a beautiful contrast to a yellow gold or diamond-accented band,” Money says. “Plus, it can make your diamond appear whiter and brighter, creating a romantic feel any time of year.”

Boyce adds, “Like a perfect red lip, a perfect red nail looks super classy and elegant. ORLY Haute Red is a mix of blue and orange undertones, so it truly works for everyone.”

engagement nails

ORLY Haute Red

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engagement nails

OPI Little Guilt Under The Kilt

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Seasonal darks

“Factor in the season,” Edwards advises. “During the winter months, you may want to lean toward warmer tones and deep reds, like imPRESS Color Press On Manicure shades Reddy or Not or I’m Not a Cinna.”

Money agrees: “If you’re getting engaged in the fall or winter, don’t be afraid of dark tones such as purple, burgundy, or other jewel-inspired colors to provide a nice contrast to the icy look of your center diamond.”

engagement nails

Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour

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All natural

“You can’t go wrong with a subtle French tip or even a simple clear coat,” Money points out. “Both will make your nails look polished and elegant while ensuring your ring—whatever style it may be—remains the highlight of your hand. Like nude, a French manicure can also help elongate your fingers for a more flattering picture, especially if you have an elongated cut diamond.”

ORLY Pink Nude is a very good sheer neutral pink that looks like bare nails, just accented a bit,” Boyce says. “This pairs especially well with white tips for a French manicure.”

engagement nails

ORLY Pink Nude

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Congratulations on your engagement!

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