This engaged couple ask each other deepest, darkest secrets. We cry.

What is the most difficult thing you could tell (or ask) your significant other? Would you be willing to do it in front of a camera?

Lynette and Corey bravely (or foolishly, depending on what kind of secrets one keeps) did just that for The Skin Deep, a site that explores human connection and intimacy in the digital age.

In the video, things get really real as this couple ask each other some serious questions, especially when Corey attempts to uncover exactly how Lynette’s previous relationships, many of which were with women, worked. Or rather, he’d like to know if she thinks being with women isn’t cheating.

We totally start sympathy crying as Lynette explains sexual fluidity to him. What starts as a snippy conversation about the timeline of hooking up with an ex-girlfriend turns into a really frank and tearful conversation about love and HOW we love as humans. What it comes down to for Corey is a question of how her attraction to women manifests itself, as he knows it’s still something that is a part of her.

“In my experience…sexuality can be very fluid,” Lynette explains. “It doesn’t have to be like, ‘Oh I’m gay, I’m lesbian, I’m bi-sexual.’ None of that. There have just been certain instances where I’m attracted to that person.”

And here’s where we see Corey’s heart explode (in a good way). “I knew immediately when I met you, I was like, ‘Oh, I choose this person,’” Lynette says. She tells him she thought for awhile she might end up with a woman and then drops the Jerry Maguire “you had me at hello” romance bomb on him.

“It’s not a matter of [my attraction to women being] dead now, it’s just that I choose you,” Lynette says. We are having all of the feelings. ALL!

Watch the entire thing go down here:

(Image via YouTube)