5 (easy) ways to help end child hunger this Thanksgiving

The abundant feasts of Thanksgiving can be a mixed bag of gratitude and. . . well, guilt. (Who doesn’t pity the poor turkey?) You could also get really depressed thinking about all of the starving children in the world. But wallowing in guilt is just a useless time waster. It produces heavy sighs, but rarely any positive, life-altering results. That’s why this Thanksgiving we want to suggest opportunities to take action through organizations that help save the lives of children worldwide (including, Edesia, a U.S. charity I work for, which was named after the Roman Goddess of food). If you think you can’t change the world from your well-set table this year, think again. Below are five organizations with easy ways that you can, with a few simple clicks, help save malnourished children and feel better in the process.

1. This Bar Saves Lives

After your Thanksgiving food coma wears off, take out your favorite mobile device and head on over to This Bar Saves Lives, or if you’re feeling extra motivated, take a drive over to your local Whole Foods and ask if these socially responsible snack bars are in stock yet. For every delicious, all-natural, non-GMO, gluten-free, and fair trade granola bar purchased, a packet of nutritious food will be donated to a malnourished child in need.

2. Centscere

Centscere empowers you to donate a few cents to your favorite cause every time you tweet, post or like something on Facebook—which helps you give purposefully without changing your daily routine. Considering that 200 billion tweets go out each year, those cents could really add up and change lives.

3. Saha Naturals

Saha Naturals offers vitamins and supplements with ingredients sourced naturally, with nothing synthetic. Choose from Ultra Pure Fish Oil, Daily Multi Softgels, and Vitamin D-3. For each bottle sold online, a donation will go toward helping a malnourished child.

4. Ava Anderson Non-Toxic

Now until the last day of November, for every purchase you make from Ava Anderson Non-Toxic, a donation will go toward helping a malnourished child. Founded by Ava Anderson when she was a 14-year-old high school student, the 100-percent organic, non-toxic products have a big celeb following, including Alicia Silverstone.

 5. Edesia

Donate to Edesia! Just $50 is what it takes to revitalize one severely malnourished child, so why not save a life this Thanksgiving? Since 2010, Edesia has made enough peanut-based, ready-to-use foods to help 2.4 million children recover from malnutrition in 44 countries.

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