Disney is working on a sequel to ‘Enchanted’

When Enchanted came out in 2007, it was a breath of fresh air. Other studios (most famously DreamWorks with its Shrek franchise) had poked fun at the classic Disney fairytale and updated the genre for modern audiences, but Enchanted was Disney’s turn to do the same in a self-aware couple of hours of pure joy. The movie starred Amy Adams as Giselle, an animated Disney princess who, just before her wedding to her charismatic prince, is banished into the real world by his wicked stepmother.

Giselle emerges in modern day New York City and struggles to fit in with her new reality. She’s “rescued” by Patrick Dempsey, a high-powered divorce attorney who takes the world’s most practical approach to True Love and is, in many ways, the exact opposite of the classic Disney prince. Fans loved the modern twist on the Disney princess story (and loved Adams and her truly magical singing voice, too). We’ve been waiting and speculating for almost a decade now, but finally some solid details about the Enchanted sequel are starting to take shape.

The biggest bit of news we have is the working title (which we hope becomes the actual title, because it’s so good): Disenchanted. I’ll take that over Enchanted 2 any day. The title isn’t much, but it raises so many questions about where the sequel could take us. The first movie ended with (spoiler alert, just in case there’s anyone who actually still hasn’t seen the first film) Giselle and Robert settling into their happily ever after in the real world while Prince Edward and Robert’s ex, Nancy (played by the always-brilliant Idina Menzel, who went on to be a Disney princess in her own right when she voiced Elsa in Frozen), returned to the magical, animated realm of Andalasia to have their happily ever after.

It was a perfect ending.

That’s why, with a title like Disenchanted, we have to wonder if maybe the sequel will examine what happens after happily ever after. Are Giselle and Robert still madly in love? Are they having trouble in their relationship? Will Giselle return to Adalasia? The questions are endless.

Of course, we don’t even know yet if the original cast will return. Anne Fletcher (The Proposal) is reportedly set to direct the sequel, but none of the cast have been confirmed yet. We have hope that Adams will return, since she’s expressed interested in reprising her role as Giselle in the past and Dempsey coming back to the big screen as Robert would certainly cushion the blow of his Grey’s Anatomy departure. Also, even if it’s only as a B-plot, I’d personally love to check in on Edward and Nancy’s lives in the animated wonderland of Andalasia.

The first Enchanted movie was a box office smash, grossing $340 million world wide. It was beloved by fans and even nominated for three Oscars (all in the Best Original Song category because, seriously, the soundtrack was insane). It’s no wonder Disney is dipping back into the Enchanted world for another movie, but it is a little surprising that they’ve waited this long to do it. Still, we’ll take any Enchanted we can get — better late than never. Here’s hoping that our Disenchanted wishes come true and this movie makes it to theaters as soon as possible.

(Image via Disney.)

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