This empowering woman made a must-read point about what changed when her body went up a size

When your body goes up a clothing size, you may feel like the world is crashing down on you. But Megan Jayne Crabbe is here to remind all of us — including herself — that nothing changes when you go up a clothing size. Sure, your clothing has a tag with a different little number on it, but as Crabbe posted on her body-positive Instagram account — bodyposipanda — that’s about it.

On her Twitter account, Crabbe admitted to doing a bit of online drunk shopping (we’ve been there) and that she had gone up a size in all stores. Instead of freaking out, Crabbe — who has struggled with severe eating disorders in the past — wrote that she was “100% okay with that.”

Her seven tweet thread on the topic was relatable, heartwarming, and inspirational. Not to mention it was also funny since she ended her thoughts on the clothing size issue with the chuckle-inducing:

"Aaaaaaand now I'm going to make pasta 💃"

She took to Instagram to expand on this thread and explained just why it shouldn’t matter what size you are.

While Crabbe has written that clothing size is just a number before, this post focuses on how that number may change, but the core of who you are is the same.

As she wrote:

"Things that have changed from me going up a size: the number on a piece of fabric. Things that have stayed the same: how I treat others, my sense of humour, my intelligence, my dreams, my joy, my self love and EVERYTHING ELSE THAT ACTUALLY MATTERS ABOUT ME AS A PERSON."

"The label on my clothes doesn't change a damn thing that's truly important in my life, so I'm choosing to rock my new size and respect that this is where my body wants to be right now. If it changes in the future, it'll be worthy of self love then, too. OUR VALUE WILL NEVER BE SIZE DEPENDENT! 💜💙💚🌈🌞"

Her message that our value will never be dependent on the size we are is something everyone needs to remind themselves of from time to time. And next time you’re shopping and you aren’t the size you expected to be, remember Crabbe’s words that who you are is not defined by that tiny tag number.

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