13 empowering stories on HelloGiggles that still make us mega proud


It’s HelloGiggles’ 5th birthday, and we’re celebrating by remembering some of the stories that, to this day, still make us feel really good. Stories about our bodies, our love lives, the clothes we choose to wear or not wear, and the way we’ve overcome the toughest personal battles — those are the stories that will always leave us empowered and proud that our website embraces so many different female voices and their powerful narratives. Here are just a few you should take some time to read again (or bookmark for later!).

1. I was in a committed relationship with two people — and then I got pregnant


This essay about one woman’s experience getting pregnant in a polyamorous relationship is one of our most popular to date — and for good reason. It’s an honest and emotional look into an unconventional life journey. Click here to read.

2. Why I stopped wearing pants for good


Universal truth: Pants. Are. The. Worst. And not only did you, our lovely HelloGiggles readers GET IT, but so did Today.com! Click here to read.

3. Things I’ve done this past week because I’m very single and living my best life


One of our staff writers, Rachel Paige, is totally chill with being super single — and she wants you to know that not only has she eaten pizza four days in a row, but she can kill spiders on her own (THANKYOUVERYMUCH), she just needs a few cups and a vacuum. Click here to read.

4. As a black woman, I’m tired of being fetishized


This essay is the result of what happened after one black woman’s white boyfriend used the words “jungle fever” to describe how some people felt about his attraction to her. Instead of being looked at for being smart and kind, she realized she was being sexualized in a way that is incredibly problematic. Click here to read.

5. How I stopped comparing myself to other women


Our assistant editor, Rosemary Donahue, opened up about her problems with body dysmorphia, and how she overcame comparing her body with other women’s bodies. Click here to read.

 6. Why I stopped obsessing over milestones


If you’re being too hard on yourself and can’t stop counting the many, many milestones you’re “supposed to” reach by the time you’re (fill in your age here) you must read this. Christina, our Video Producer, wrote a stunningly honest essay on why we all need to throw milestones out the window. You don’t need them. We swear. Click here to read.

7.What I wish I knew during my cystic acne breakout and how I finally got rid of it


Madison Vanderberg, Senior Editor here at HG, wrote genuinely and hilariously about her (for a long time) uphill battle with cystic acne. When your enemy is your complexion, things can get FRUSTRATING. Click here to read.

8. A deep dive into the unapologetic blackness of Beyoncé’s “Formation”


When Bey’s music video for “Formation” dropped, it shook us to the core. The political message, the important statement on blackness, the EVERYTHING of it, was meaningful to us. Click here to read.

9. The peculiar phenomenon of feeling like a fraud in your 20’s


If you feel like you don’t deserve your success or accomplishments because maybe, just maybe, you tricked people into thinking you’re smart and capable and brilliant, you’re not alone. It’s called impostor syndrome, and here’s one writer’s relatable experience with it. Click here to read.

10. For “The Craft’s” 20th anniversary, I dressed like Nancy and this is what happened


Marie Lodi, Staff Writer at HG, loves The Craft. So when the movie’s 20th anniversary came around, she decided to pay homage to it in a way that would make a witch proud — she embraced her inner goth, and dressed up like Nancy Downs. And the reactions she got were actually surprising. Click here to read.

11. Read this the next time you’re nervous about getting naked in front of someone


If you’ve felt scared to show your body in its most naked, vulnerable form, you’re not alone. Click here to read.

12. Why I started writing down my accomplishments


Staff Writer Anna Gragert reminds all of us that our accomplishment, even the tiny ones, MATTER. Click here to read.

13. Yep, I had a historical symbol of a vagina tattooed on my arm


This writer forever etched a tattoo into her arm because it meant something powerful for her as a feminist, as a human being very, very proud to be a woman. Click here to read.